Posted by: Shanie Matthews | November 30, 2009

What is Exercising Happiness all about?

Hi! My name is Shanie Matthews. I started this blog as a way to share information, document my own path on practicing happiness and to start outwardly discussing the joys of excercising one’s own felicity.

Despite more than a decade of working on my love for self, the entire concept of “practicing happiness” didn’t occur to me until my mid-thirties. Life had taken some interesting curves and twists. Family drama, deaths of loved ones and the shift of longtime friendships made me start wondering what I was missing. I had been consciously working on myself for many years. I read self-help books. I talked to therapists. I practiced self-love. All helped in their own way, but sadness still lingered at times.

Then the concept of “practicing happiness” was verbalized to me.

I am an athlete, downhill skiing being my passion. Practicing is the name of the game when it comes to achieving the expertise needed to ski the lines I love to ski. I have practiced the sport for 32 years, with many years of 100+ days put on the hill. Today I am skiing stronger than I ever have…for two reasons.

One, the joy that it brings me helps the passion continue to burn bright with each day practiced.

Two, I have dedicated myself to making the time to do what it takes to be good enough, strong enough, and mentally with it enough to fly down a steep face of glistening white snow when the time arrives.

If I had been putting in as much energy into practicing happiness as I have into skiing, my everyday abundance of joy would be probably equal to that which I get from skiing.

So, thus the reason that I have created this blog…I want to share what I learn on my daily practice of exercising my happiness…ways to integrate it into life, ways to play, experts and their thoughts, discoverys, etc…pretty much anything that has to do with exercising a feeling that most of us don’t consciously activate in our own lives.

Thanks for joining me on this path.




  1. What a great premise for a blog. I wish you well.

    I must say though, and I hope you discover this for yourself, that I find happiness in growing and developing. In other words, happiness is not a goal but a discovery.

    But I won’t ruin it for you; I look forward to reading how you get on. After all, there is much I can learn from you.

  2. Well said, Charliesage.

    It is a path of discovery, for certain…

    Please feel free to share what has helped you in your discovery, if you like.

    Thanks for your comment.

    (: Shanie

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