Posted by: Shanie Matthews | December 9, 2009

Skiing Happiness with Women’s Freeskiing Camp at Squaw Valley, CA with Pro Freeskiers Ingrid Backstrom and Jessica Sobolowski

A huge part of my exercising happiness is skiing big mountain descents throughout the world. This has been a passion of mine since I entertained the tender age of 4, of course the big mountain part not coming until many days that turned to years of practice later…

Ingrid Backstrom, photo by Mica Heli Guides

So in respect to the amazing amounts of happiness that the downhill sport of skiing has given me, I am happy to announce a January ski camp for any ladies out there that love skiing…but could use a little inside knowledge on how to make it a fun, exciting, enjoyable experience (or said another way…tricks to the trade on how to ski to your highest potential without being negatively affected by fear).

Friends of mine and top-rated, world class skiers, Ingrid Backstrom and Jessica Sobolowski are offering a two day freeskiing camp hosted at Squaw Valley Ski Area.

Squaw is their home mountain. Knowing the resort like the back of their hand, these amazing ladies will be able to inspire confidence, self-esteem and enjoyment provided by gravity while playing on skis sliding on glistening snow.

Ingrid Backstrom

Jessica Sobolowski, photo by Ming Poon

The instructional merit is especially invigorating, considering how both of these women have taken a male-dominated sport and proven that women have a place on the top rung too.

Both of these ladies are two of the most inspirational females in the world, in my opinion…and great examples for us all that living your dreams has a direct relationship to your happiness.

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  1. Ummm, will someone get me this for my birthday?
    HELLOOO?! Anyone?
    Sounds awesome. I’m going to try to do it.

  2. Hear ya Jenna! Sounds like a great time!

  3. […] at Chris Davenport’s South American Superstar Camp, her own woman’s big mountain skiing seminar at Squaw Valley, interview spots with major news shows such as Good Morning America and sponsors […]

  4. The stills are nice. Ski Schools are busier than ever with new people giving it a try on a daily basis.

    • Thanks Alpine Master,

      Thanks for your comment. Well, hopefully with new people on the mountain everyday, it will help bring positivity to their lives.


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