Posted by: Shanie Matthews | January 11, 2010

Costa Rica Takes The Trophy for Happiest Nation

In multiple studies it is found that Costa Rica is the happiest nation on earth as is brought to our attention in this interesting article about global happiness in the New York Times.

I can’t say that I would of placed my bet on Costa Rica. Maybe Switzerland. Or the Netherlands. But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. My five years of living in a Latin country has taught me that Latinos are very good at keeping priorities straight. People take their time. Materialism is of little importance (although this is more so in the smaller villages). Giving a friend 20, 30 minutes to chat is still a daily occurrence.

Argentines taking the time to chat in Salta, Argentina

But what is absolutely amazing and impressive to me is the love that is outwardly shown amongst families in Latin culture. I find the exchange of caring so heart-warming. Elderly grandparents walking arm in arm with their teenage grandchild. A rebellious looking adolescent holding the hand and chatting with his younger sister. A father offering a warm, loving embrace to his son in public and the kid accepting it happily. All of these are common place in a Latin country. A beautiful aspect to this culture, indeed.

And one that most certainly inspires happiness.

Argentine father happily greeting his daughter coming off the school bus

Thanks to Richard with Tantra Heart for passing on the great New York Times article…


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