Posted by: Shanie Matthews | January 25, 2010

Reflection for a Happy Future

“It is only when we actively seek to understand the composition of our lives that we can begin to truly comprehend the experiences that give meaning to our existence. Often, we expect life to be meaningful as a matter of course and encounter disappointment when we discover that life-changing events seems to progress in a haphazard fashion. Reflection is the act of thinking critically about that which has happened to you, is happening to you, and will happen to you. “

This quote is taken from a daily horoscope that is sent to my by DailyOm (though I would call their messages more along the category of life lessons to think about than a scriptural foretelling).

It resounded with me.

An active part of my happy path has been one of reflection as of late. Although I am working on staying in the moment, I am also trying to glean the important lessons that come with life.

A major epiphany in my reflection has been the importance of accountability.

This answer-ability to one’s own actions (and calling other’s out on theirs) has been both positive and negative in my journey of true growth. In its path I have found closure in old loves that deserved an apology from me. I have re-gained friendships of days gone past that were shadowed in a dusty layer of misunderstanding. And, most importantly, I have found in my heart the support I need to be truly happy…something that I had thought could only come from others.

Maybe that is the biggest reflection of all for me…that by living transparently I am being my own best support system.

What does reflection bring up for you?


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