Posted by: Shanie Matthews | February 8, 2010

Increasing Sexual Happiness with Passion Parties

The first time I went to a Passion Party was around eight years ago. The invitation said “Ladies Only”. Not really knowing what it was all about, I buddied up with a good friend, thinking safety was in numbers.

But, in reality, there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

In fact, Passion Parties was not much different than a Tupperware party, except that the main conversation was about increasing sexual happiness, not a plastic container. Our party consultant, Kim Cross, was about the sweetest lady I had ever met. Her innocent, school teacher looks and open, unabashed ability to talk about things that made most women blush was impressive. All of a sudden it was okay to talk about aspects to dating, love making and sexuality. We had a safe arena to ask that question that was just too embarrassing to bring up over a dinner party or at the bar. In fact, Kim made the entire experience incredibly fun.

And the products were pretty great too!

Now almost a decade later, I am still using Passion Parties products. They have helped my matrimonial lust stay lively, which I am very thankful for. It definitely plays a role in my time spent exercising my happiness, no pun intended.

I thought it would be only fitting to ask Kim, herself, how working and playing with this company has helped her on her path of happiness. Here’s what she had to say…

photo by James Tennery

EH: What caught your interest about Passion Parties initially?

KC: What initially caught my interest about Passion Parties was that Passion Parties provides permission, in a way, for women to talk about and discuss our intimate lives. I wanted to know more about my body and about sex, other than the basic “birds and the bees” and body diagrams. I just didn’t know where to get the answers and I didn’t know that it was okay for me to want to know more. Passion Parties opened the door for me. The whole concept of women getting together in a comfortable atmosphere for a night of fun, giggles and a little bit of education just made sense to me.

EH: How did you come about working with them?

KC: I first heard about Passion Parties when I was visiting a friend out of state and her consultant came by to deliver her order. She excitedly told me about her purchases and how much fun she had at the party. I was definitely intrigued. Then, not long after that, my mother mentioned to me that she attended a Passion Party with many of her co-workers and that she had a blast. I asked my mother to have her consultant contact me with information about the business. It was a no-brainer for me. The whole business just made sense and since I had been actively looking for a home-based business, I decided to jump in with both feet. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

EH: How has working for the company assisted your level of happiness?

KC: When I started my Passion Parties business, I had been actively looking to start my own business. I decided I no longer wanted to work for someone, unless it was myself. Passion Parties has given me freedom. I am my own boss. I decide when I want to work and how much. I love that! And I always have customers because the parties are easy to book. Even in this economy, women still want to have a passion party because they’re so much fun.

With my Passion Parties business, when I go to work, it’s a party! It’s a lot of fun. Plus, I feel a sense of reward because I am helping women learn more about their sensuality and that increases a woman’s confidence. The more a woman learns about herself and what she enjoys, the more she can share that information with her partner to enhance their relationship.. Also, with my business, I am able to help other women do what I do by sharing the business opportunity. I have a team of Passion Consultants through-out the United States. This business is fun! Profitable! And very rewarding!

EH: The company started its operations in 1994, did you find that when you began with the company that women were timid to approach the subject of a happy sex life?

KC: When I started my Passion Parties business I found that women were very open to approach the subject of a happy sex life. I think many women felt the same way as I did about wanting more information but not knowing where to get it. Most women are curious to see what I will show and teach. I often get big Thank You’s from women for doing what I do. Passion Parties opens the door for women to ask questions and openly talk about sex.

EH: How do you and Passion Parties help party goers feel more comfortable about a somewhat taboo subject?

KC: Passion Parties are held in a comfortable environment, (generally the hostess’s home). My goal is to educate women about positive and playful ways they can enhance the romance and passion in their lives and their relationships with their partners. The party presentation is always kept very professional, yet fun and entertaining at the same time. And there is always room for women to chat and ask questions. The ordering is always kept confidential.

EH: One aspect that I appreciate about Passion Parties is that it inspires a self-respect and love for oneself, while at the same time invoking a sense of joy in the bedroom. How has it affected you, seeing the positivity brought to your customer’s lives and marriages?

KC: Being a Passion Parties Consultant has given me a sense of self-worth and confidence because I know I am helping women and relationships. Passion Parties has been the most rewarding career I have ever had. I’ve been a consultant for over eight years and I plan to continue for many, many more years.

EH: What is your favorite product for helping inspire happiness?

KC: My favorite product for helping inspire happiness is our exclusive Pure Satisfaction Gel. It’s the company’s top selling product, it’s my top selling product, and it’s the number one product my customers return for. Pure Satisfaction is a gel that both men and women can use to increase sexual stimulation and climax. It is infused with the amino acid L-arginine. When applied to the genitals, it has been scientifically documented to increase blood flow to boost orgasms for women and men.

EH: What advice do you have for those feeling less than happy in the romance department?

KC: I feel that happiness starts with you, so I encourage women to get to know their own bodies intimately. It’s okay to experiment and learn how your own body works and what you enjoy. The more you know about your own body and your body responses, the more you can share that information with your partner to increase sexual satisfaction. A woman’s satisfaction is just as important as a man’s satisfaction, however I think women fall into the trap of always taking care of everyone else and don’t address our own needs. Pamper yourself; get to know your body. Then open up communication with your partner and share that information.

EH: Do you have a story you would like to share about how Passion Parties inspires happiness for you or a client?

KC: At a party a few years ago, there was a guest that didn’t seem to be having a very good time. Every time I looked at her she seemed to be looking through me – very distant. I was very surprised when she came in to the ordering room. I wasn’t expecting her to purchase anything with the way she had been during the party. She told me she had almost not come to the Passion Party because she and her husband weren’t having a physical relationship and she was feeling very insecure and bad about the situation because it had been going on for a very, very long time. She wanted to please her husband, but it just wasn’t “there” for her mentally and physically after she had her second child. She didn’t want anything to do with sex. And, as time went on and they continued without a physical relationship, her physical urges didn’t come back and it just became easier to do nothing.

My immediate reaction was to encourage her to see her physician and a therapist. She was interested in going home with something for her and her husband. The Passion Party had given her just enough confidence to try something new and different. We talked about couples toys like the Progressor and I also suggested she try our Pure Satisfaction Unisex Enhancement Gel which is designed to heighten sexual stimulation for both men and women. She decided on the latter and went home with it that night.

Not long after that party, I received an email from her. She wanted to host a Passion Party! I remember walking up toward the front door of her house the night of her party, and I passed her husband as he was on his way out. I quickly introduced myself and he looked me right in the eyes and said “thank you”.

Later, when she and I had a chance to talk, she told me that the first Passion Party she attended had made a big difference for her and her family. She really enjoyed the Pure Satisfaction Gel and promoted it to all the ladies at her party. But more importantly, she went home after that first party and opened up a new line of communication with her partner and started really working towards building a healthy relationship again. And the great thing about Passion Parties is you don’t have to be having difficulty in your relationship to buy our products. Some people are already having good sex, and we help them have great sex. From fun to sassy, we’ve got something for everyone.

EH: For those ladies that would like to host a party, what shall they do?

KC: Women can go to my website at and click on the link ‘Host a Party’, or they can contact me directly at 530-913-4962. We will then schedule a date for her to invite her female friends, family members, co-workers, etc. to her home for an afternoon or evening of fun and giggles where they will learn how to enhance romance and passion in their lives and relationships, and order sensual items confidentially in a private ordering room.

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