Posted by: Shanie Matthews | February 10, 2010

You Are Beautiful

Where does self-consciousness and self-hatred come from exactly?

Is it societal perceptions on how we should look? Is it the fashion magazine obsession with thinness? Is it the misnomer that youth is were beauty lies?

In my humble opinion, they all play a role. As a teenager, I fought bulimia for years. It was a combination of many things that created this powerful addiction. It was my naive attempt to prove to others that I could be what they wanted. It was my way of controlling my body before I understood the term “love for self”. It was a way I thought I could obtain the much-sought-after size 2. But in reality it did none of these things. All it really did was deepen my sense of self-loathing. Until one day when I woke up on the bathroom floor after falling unconscious from purging myself. That was my moment of realization. I am good enough for who I am, and I am not going to hurt myself trying to be what others want me to be.

That moment turned into 15 years of many aspects of self-growth. Aspects like knowing that it is important to truly love myself and to say that everyday. Or that it is vital to give the gift of personal private time. Or that it is important and needed to say to each other that we are beautiful for who we are.  Dress size, boob size, and perfect features are not what is important.

We are all amazingly beautiful in our own way. And we are all needed.

So, in respect to spreading this understanding and helping others to believe in themselves, there has been a Facebook movement to make February 11th through the 14th “Tell Her She’s Beautiful” Day.

As described on the Facebook Fan Page, the global rally is to have, “an event so everyone can tell anyone that they think is beautiful, that they are beautiful. Just tell them. They don’t hear it enough, and they want to hear it. Tell anyone; tell your friend, your mother, your sister, your cousin…”

What is important is letting females around the world know that we are all beautiful for who we are.

In fact, it has inspired many already. Here is a beautiful song especially created by David Ishizaka in response to the movement:

So, to help spread the word, please activate kindness. Tell the ladies (and guys, because it really has nothing to do with gender) in your life how incredibly beautiful they are, inside and out. This not only brightens their day, but helps their self-esteem, sometimes more than we know.


  1. So true. Thanks for sharing that. The funny thing is that once we learn how to love ourselves we can learn healthy ways to treat our bodies better.

  2. Well said Learning2Live…thanks for commenting. (:

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