Posted by: Shanie Matthews | February 15, 2010

Laughing Meditation for Happiness

When I was a little girl I would have, what I would call now, laughter fits. My body would go into intense, belly-filled laughter that wouldn’t stop. No matter what I did the giggles would just take me over. These spells of letting the joy out would usually occur with friends; coming down the mountain from a good day of skiing, sitting in math class, or walking in the rain. The time and place had little importance.

One episode in particular happened during 7th grade choir class. My choir teacher, Ms. Diaz, was not excited about my unending laughter. She grabbed me by the shoulder, and forced my best friend, Crystal, and I to go out into the hall. Following us out, she accused me of taking drugs and forced me to eat saltine crackers. For our 13 year old brains, her reaction only made us laugh harder.

Well, it seems my subconscious knew a thing or two. As proven by the Dutch doctor and author, Dhyan Sutorius, and his Center for the Promotion of Laughter, a good chuckle does a body good. In fact, he has created a meditation to inspire the calming effects of laughing.

I originally read about his  meditation in an article in Ode Magazine (a magazine dedicated to “intelligent optimists”, and a favorite of mine).

Dr. Sutorius has given detailed instructions on how to bring the meditation into your own home in an interesting literature piece he wrote, “The Transforming Force of the Laughing Meditation“.

For me, doing the meditation was a bit like going back to my roots. I felt the little girl inside having a grand ol’ time…something I’m sure Ms. Diaz would be oh-so-excited to hear.

There are thousands of ways to meditate and this may be my favorite. Seriously, how can you frown and feel down after a session of Laughing Meditation?



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