Posted by: Shanie Matthews | March 3, 2010

The Scorpions Inspiring Happiness

I thought my husband Jamie was joking when he first told me.

“The Scorpions are playing a show at the Hotel Llao Llao!”

But the excitement on his face showed that this was all seriousness.

It was hard to believe, yet what he was saying was nothing more than the absolute truth. The three long-time members of The Scorpions, Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker, and Mattias Jabs, were coming to South America’s high-society hotel (which conveniently was located a few miles down the road from where we live) to play a special concert for a Volkswagen promotional event for the auto-makers’ upcoming release of the truck, Amarok.

Rudolf had driven the automobile in the Dakar Rally, and smitten by it, became involved in promotion. Klaus and Mattias jumped on the band wagon, which led to a few days of experiencing Patagonia’s Gateway City, Bariloche (and my current place of residence) by test driving the 4×4 around the area. The Volkswagen festivities ended with a special intimate acoustic concert.

Jamie, a guy that is particularly gifted at getting into events with a little magic and twinkle of the eye, started to research the possibilities of entrance. Many calls were put out. Networking was initiated. Strings were pulled. But to no avail. The answer was coming back the same, “No es posible.”

To tell ya the truth, I slowly started to forget about it. The chances were slim to none that we were going to get in.

But once again Jamie inspires me with his outside-the-box thinking.

The night before the concert he informs me that we have “date night” with dinner at the Hotel Llao Llao. If nothing else, maybe we will get a peek of the trio of rock gods.

So, in due appreciation of the impressive hotel, I put on my finest Bariloche duds; high heels, leather jacket, booby shirt (well, that part was in respect for rock and roll, of course).

We arrived to a string of buses and cars pulled up to the loop driveway of the Llao Llao. There was a heightened excitement in the air. It’s common for there to be a bit of hoopla going on at the hotel, due to its glamorous prestige, but tonight the energy had a particular tingle to it that tends to associate itself with rock stars.

Despite the increased security, we were greeted by the staff with a nonchalant hello and friendly smile. I suppose it was possibly coming in handy that we had frequented the establishment from time to time and had sent many guests to the gourmet restaurants.

As we walked through the hand-carved wooden foyer I made a quiet request to the universe to help us see our rock heroes, for it is their lyrics that speak of my motto in life…

Just believe in yourself
Hear this voice from deep inside
It´s the call of your heart
Close your eyes and your will find
The way out of the dark

Well, the wish worked. We not only were able to see them in the hallway…but we were allowed to be a part of the private show, getting to stand within a foot of these amazing musicians as they played new songs and old favorites.

Most importantly of all, though, was the chance to hear from Rudolf himself that following your dreams, not money, is the way to true happiness.

Hearing it from those that have pursued their passions and made dreams reality makes it more profound.

Thank you Scorpions for sending us a little musical angel.


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