Posted by: Shanie Matthews | March 17, 2010

New Moon Wishes Using a Plant

When it comes to bringing positivity into my life, I feel that there are a thousand different tools to use.

I must admit, there are some practices that my cognitive mind wants to push to the way side if I think about it too much. The proposed results just seem too far fetched. But, in the long run, if it doesn’t hurt anyone, then why not try it…sometimes you never know where assistance will come from.

A great friend, Sabrina, who is a lovely bundle of fun energy, a healing acupuncturist, and all around great lady spreading good energy passed on a fun way to bring light into cloudy situations…New Moon Wishes. There are two different ways to do these “requests to the Universe”, using a plant or a candle. Today I am passing on the method of New Moon Plant Wishes.

I can honestly say that doing the following has helped in my own life. Whether it was reality or placebo, it really doesn’t matter to me. What does matter is that I saw fruition to important steps forward on my path of happiness…and that is what it’s all about.

New Moon Wishes

Using Healthy Plant Energy:

What you will need:

• Healthy plant within your personal space (bedroom or a place you spend time)
• A list of wishes – either 12 simple, general wishes or 3 very detailed wishes **
• Red envelope (if available)
• Red pen
• Blank piece of paper

** Detailed wishes must included dates, amounts, characteristics, color etc. Example: If you are requesting money, you must specify the amount and the date in which you want it. If your request is a romantic relationship, you must specify the characteristics of the desired relationship and by when. The more detail, the more power it has to manifest.

After you have an idea of what your wishes are, you will say them aloud to the universe 3 times with intention. Then write them on a blank piece of paper (in red ink). Fold up the paper and put into a red envelope. Place the red envelope under a very healthy plant until the next new moon.

Depending on your belief system, you may want to add certain rituals that you know, for example calling in spirit guides, arc angels or positive energies to listen to your requests, asking for their assistance. In addition, it is always good to thank all involved, including yourself, and to write ‘and so it is’ on the bottom of the page.


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