Posted by: Shanie Matthews | April 2, 2010

New Moon Wishes Using a Candle

I talked a few weeks ago about doing New Moon Wishes using a plant. The following is for the same sort of result, except using candle energy…

What you will need:

• Candle – (The candle color is dependent on your wishes). White is always perfect

• Some kind of oil – (essential oil if you have it – otherwise olive oil will work just fine)

• Lighter

• A list of wishes – either 12 simple, general wishes or 3 very detailed wishes **

• Red envelope (if available)

• Red pen

• Blank piece of paper

** Detailed wishes must included dates, amounts, characteristics, color etc. Example: If you are requesting money, you must specify the amount and the date in which you want it. If your request is a romantic relationship, you must specify the characteristics of the desired relationship and by when. The more detail, the more power it has to manifest.

Use a candle that is in a jar or glass container (in the States you can find “Jesus candles” at the grocery store for $0.99). Make sure you place the candle in a safe, stable place away from animals or children. It is to burn until it extinguishes itself. Once lit, if you must extinguish it, say aloud “Although your physical flame must be extinguished, your light and energy are bright in the astral“ or something like that… you get the idea.

After you have an idea of what your wishes are, hold your candle and with intent, say them out loud to the candle as well as to the universe. Repeat your wishes for a total 3X’s with intention…while holding the candle in your energy, write your wishes on a blank piece of paper (in red ink if possible). Fold up the paper and put into the red envelope.

With the oil, put about 6 drops in the palm of you hand, and 3 drops in the candle. With intention, think of your wishes asking the candle to absorb your intentions and from the bottom up, draw your hands (or fingers) up the side of the candle from the back and front, then from the sides, covering the candle with the oil from your hands…putting intention and energy of your wishes into the candle.

With your finger(s) swirl the oil inside the candle around an and around ending up at the wick.. again putting your wishes into the wick.. the switch. Once you have energized your candle with your intentions, use a pair of scissors to cut a tiny piece of the wick to allow new wick to be exposed.

After placing the red envelope under the candle, depending on your belief system, you may want to call in your guides at this time and/or say ‘and so it is’ and with intention of releasing your intention to be manifested. Then light the wick.

Burning Your Wishes

If you chose to be a little more dramatic and enjoy ritual like I do, you may wan to burn your wishes. If this is the case, make sure you are in a safe environment, and have a plate or inflammable surface to place your burning wishes until they are ashes. Upon light the wick, take your wishes and with intention, request the energies to manifest your wishes and allow the flame to release and burn the envelope. Place the burning envelope on the place, visualizing all wishes coming true. SEE in your minds eye that these ‘wishes’ are manifesting.

Do what you feel is right for you. I always thank the energies that were present and do a little meditating after this ceremony, acknowledging that I am deserving and appreciative for the manifestations I have created at this exact moment.

Candle Colors and Meanings

White: Protection, Purification, Peace – All things go with white, it is all colors
and you can never go wrong with white

Red: Passion, Movement, yang (do not use if you have anger issues)

Orange Creativity: Emotional balance, Sexuality

Yellow: Courage and Focus, also intuitive gut

Green: Health and Money (overall abundance) Forgiveness

Blue: Communication, Spirituality, Awakening

Purple: Psychic or Intuitive Ability, ‘seeing’

Pink: Self-love and Romantic Love, forgiveness

Black: Burns negativity (always burn a white candle simultaneously)



  1. I am ready for this with the new moon next week! Thanks for sharing.

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