Posted by: Shanie Matthews | June 3, 2010

Quantum K Meditation Another Happiness Tool for a Peaceful Mind

To say the least, I have some stuff going on in my life at the moment…

For example, we are selling our property in Argentina where we have lived year-round for the last five years, making the arrangements to ship our goods back to the States, figuring out how to get our two dogs and cat safely up north, working on three businesses (one, of which, is taking us to Alaska), and mourning the passing of my best friend and greatest companion, Bergen…this is just a portion of my plate right now. I am definitely feeling full.

But, as all has a silver lining, these challenges have helped me. In working through them, I have become more intimate with the practice of meditation. It has helped immensely in dealing with the ups and downs with grace and joy. I am so grateful and impressed with how helpful and beneficial meditating is.

For me, I like doing various forms of meditation. Walking in the forest. Sitting and breathing deeply. Listening to soothing voice recordings.

But one form of meditation that I have come to love is Quantum K Meditation.

Quantum K is a UK website that offers a free healing meditation that involves 20 minutes of reading consecutive screens with positive statements, while listening to music that helps move energy.

To be honest, there are definite phrases that come up during the meditation that I don’t understand. I have found, though, that in reality it doesn’t matter, because it all has to do with moving forward towards our highest potential. So, there is nothing to be afraid of. It is all beneficial, even if I don’t cognitively understand it.

A year after incorporating it into my meditations I can honestly affirm that it has helped me on my happy path.

I hope it can assist you on your journey forward, as well.


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