Posted by: Shanie Matthews | June 10, 2010

Knowing the Me in We by Meg Kiihne

I would love to introduce Meg Kiihne to the family of guest writers for My Happy Path.

A vibrant goddess and great blog writer, Meg is a magnetic energy that helps others to achieve their own highest potential. She describes herself as an, “International Event Producer & Host, Outdoor & Action Sports Marketing Consultant, Writer, Athlete, “Nature Cookie”, & Giggling Globetrotting Free Spirit…Living and Loving the Surf to the Snowy Steeps and everywhere in between.”

Thanks Meg for this contribution and those to come…

Knowing the Me in We

Everything I built to be so true is now but an illusion.
You have helped me to see this false reality,
A new truth born into light so scary I want to flee in flight.

How do I miss that which I don’t know but have always known?
That which is distance but closer to my heart than any other.
Fighting the desire to be closely yet you are always at my side.
Faith is an interesting thing
Belief and knowings have I
but patience eludes me at times.
When my heart cries out.. even shouts wondering
“When, when, when…Will we be?”…. if ever..
The mind has the inclination to spin,
Rolling in the pain of old.
“Breath! Breathe by breathe” I shout back.
Listen within
Your heart is trying to speak
Be still
Love is not lost
Love is not found;
it is all around.

You are not my everything that I wasn’t already.
Together we became “we” and stood individually,
stronger brighter, lighter than ever before this night.
Each our own sight just beginning to take flight.
Yet, how some days I miss you so!

Now I see clearly
You are to me as I am to thee
You are the me I have been missing.

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