Posted by: Shanie Matthews | July 21, 2010

How to Turn Grief and Sadness into Happiness, Part 2

A few weeks back I wrote about five of my favorite ways to turn a crummy day into something more positive.

Here are five more to help bring back the stoke.

1. Be goofy: My dear husband Jamie was the first person to help me see that it is okay to be a goofy adult. Whether making faces or doing a little two step dance move in a strange place, it is sure to bring a chuckle to the surface and bring lightness to the situation. Not to mention it helps us to identify with our inner self, or inner kiddos, whom are a large aspect to activating happiness in life.

2. Make a change: It is certain, if sadness is feeling like a cling-on than there is some type of change that needs to happen. It may be something small, like making a point of smiling at random people or something gigantic like moving to a strange land, either way that change is bound to bring about growth. And growth brings about awareness. Which in turn brings about happiness.

3. Call someone you miss and tell them you love them: I find that I tend to crawl into a small, imaginary hole when I am sad. Isn’t there a child’s rhyme that has to do with this feeling…”nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I think I’ll go eat worms. Big ones, fat ones, eensie weensy squeency ones…” right…so definitely we all feel that feeling at times if a child’s song was created from it. And as hard as it seems sometimes, I always feel better after calling up a friend and chatting. It never fails. So really that silly rhyme is just that: silly. That loved one that pops into your mind does love you and wants to hear from you.

4. Hug a tree: Okay granted, I am a nature lover, so to some it may sound strange, but I have found immense amounts of good coming from taking the time to hug a tree. Especially the old guys. Taking a moment to really feel the tree and any energy coming from the tree has literally helped me turn my entire day around. I imagine myself connected with the roots. I see and feel the tree’s connection with the earth. This flow from me to the tree to the earth is one of my favorite ways of grounding myself to stay calm and happy.

5. Literally tell yourself you love you, every day: When I first started saying I love myself to myself it felt pretty darn strange. It was hard for me to say and I didn’t believe the words. It took a lot of self-work to understand why and a lot of internal change to help the love flow. But one tool that really helped bring down the barriers was saying it to myself in the mirror. And really looking into my eyes while I said it. Now-a-days I find that saying it in front of a mirror helps bring a flow of appreciation over me immediately. Appreciation for self. And love for self. The basis, in my opinion, of real joy.



  1. Thanks 🙂 I really needed that advice today. I’m off to make funny faces in the mirrio with my son. We’ll also tell ourselves how much we love ourselves.

    • Hi Jen,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad that the post gave you a little boost. Hope you and your son were able to come up with lots of funny faces. (:


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