Posted by: Shanie Matthews | September 29, 2010

Nic Marks Studying the Measure of Life With Happiness in Mind Not Money

How should we measure the quality of life? Is measuring it through GDP and income levels truly the best way? Or maybe it should be ranked on another level entirely…the amount of true happiness we have in life, perhaps?

Well, the The Happy Planet Index is a statistical look at how a person’s well-being is not connected to how much money we make, or how rich of a country we live in. Created by Nic Marks, the founder of Centre for Well-being, which works in association with the New Economics Foundation, is studying how materialism is not connected with happiness. In fact, the results have found that those living in the wealthiest countries and whom have the largest carbon footprint are not ranking highest in global joy. Instead, his organization is finding that human connection is much more important than economic growth when it comes to feeling satisfied in life.

Speaking at a TED conference, he explains his methodology in the following video. And it leaves the question to be asked, ‘Is the expanse of a house, the quality of a car, or the power to buy toys really satisfying our hearts and our need for happiness?’

I believe not.


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