Posted by: Shanie Matthews | October 20, 2010

Courage to Be? True, Real, Reality. Written by Meg Kiihne

Written by Meg Kiihne, International Event Producer & Host, Outdoor & Action Sports Marketing Consultant, Writer, Athlete, “Nature Cookie”, & Giggling Globetrotting Free Spirit…Living and Loving the Surf to the Snowy Steeps and everywhere in between…check out her blog, C2Snow.

Some times only snippets shoot through
My mind reminds
Sees in 3D concepts, understandings, expanding ‘reality’
Fragment phrases flow, accumulate within me
Understandings need not expanding
Concepts appear in phrases, quickly simply
I flow, bounce in and out
Glee, carefree, giggling non –stop and in a millisecond
Down, down, darkness engulfs as sadness invokes
Truth dissected and real
Raw understandings
Maybe all is only a story we create
Words from your lips without meaning other than that which I create
Attempting to understand what ultimately we can not

Life is as it is, moments, feelings directing our being
Reacting from truth, faith, and love is the quest we have all embarked upon.
Living openly, lovingly, freely seems as it should be yet somehow, something, is it only human reactivity that smacks down, pushes away, betrays, runs away
Ourselves victim, ultimately to blame

We are all a reflection
Mirrors back to one another
Creating, manifesting, becoming what we emanate
A ‘reality’ ours to make, accept and grow from
Humans react upon feelings, influenced years upon years
Reactions based from social conditioning, past lives, present pains and of course our fragile tumultuous ever changing physical form
All elements constantly in motion as we move through life,
coming into the fullness of our own light.

Escape escape escape into the moment we so often do from the depth of our inner being
Numbing that which we do not understand, slowing our growth
Disappearing into a personality
all an act
Our mask we call upon to appease any current audience
The curtain falls as the sun sets
In solitude the actor within must face the blinding disarming reality
Who am I? really?

The challenge is presented, the choice ours alone to make
Can we accept our own limitations, mistakes, choices, fate?
Do we continue to escape into the actor, embrace of another, applause of any nearby audience, self created hopes and dreams of a better reality?
The question remains while moving with time.
What is real. What is truth and do you have the courage to genuinely BE!

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