Posted by: Shanie Matthews | November 17, 2010

Bogner Supporting SkiDUCK and Helping Underprivileged Children Stay Warm in the Mountains

It’s no secret that one of my passions in life is skiing, so thus it is only natural that a nonprofit that I am 100% in support of is SkiDUCK.

In their first year of assisting underprivileged and disabled kids access the mountains, they helped 130 children have over 200 days on the hill. This is something that deserves an immense amount of recognition knowing the positive impact on life that a relationship with skiing and snowboarding bestows. And it seems others in the skiing industry feel the same.

Bogner of America, a major upper-end ski clothing manufacturer has joined SkiDUCK’s mission and will donate gear to the cause.

Here is a clip from a recent interview that SkiDUCK founder, Clint Lunde, had with Lake Tahoe Television where he discusses the partnership…

Congrats SkiDUCK! Here’s to many years of continued success!


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