Posted by: Shanie Matthews | December 22, 2010

10 Ways to Inspire a Happier Human Race

It is estimated that there are 6,554,526,725 people , 193 countries and 6,000 languages on earth…but one thing’s for certain…there’s only one human race.

So, in saying that, and in spirit of a happy holidays for all, how can we work together to make our one human race happier?

If we were all to share something beautiful at least one time, everyday, there is no doubt that the global level of joy will increase.

Here are ten ways we can participate in sharing a life of beauty…

1. buy a random person a flower

2. buy a homeless person lunch

3. take a doggy that is jailed in the humane society for a walk

4. lend support in a way that surprises you

5. hold the door open for every person you can

6. compliment both males and females on something about their personality

7. give a person that is frustrated, angry or sad a hug

8. give yourself some personal, fun time

9. help someone embrace their dreams

10. smile and say hello to every one you can

Wishing you all a holiday season and new year filled with forward movement to your highest potential and the life you dream for!


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