Posted by: Shanie Matthews | January 12, 2011

High Fives Foundation the Definition of Tahoe Community Spirit

Yesterday was the day of celebration for a nonprofit close to my heart.

1/11/11 was a calenderial fiesta because of the five ones equaling the name that the 501c embraced, High Fives Foundation.

An organization brought together to show support and love for those members of our ski and snowboard tribe that are injured or paralyzed, the Tahoe foundation is helping dampened dreams glimmer with hope. Not only am I close to some of those that the nonprofit assists, I also consider myself lucky to be one of those they are not helping.

15 years ago I sustained a fracture to C5. It all happened in an instant. I was skiing down a silly run — it was low snow year and a group of friends and I were tucking…racing to the bottom…enjoying our mountain playground. There happened to be a jump at the bottom that offered a great right hand airplane turn. Coming into it with speed, I launched into the air only to meet another person — a 350 pound German man — coming out of the woods at the exact same moment. It was neither one of our faults, but nonetheless the collision was a huge blow. It knocked everything off of me…my gloves, hat, goggles, skis, poles…and it changed the course of my life forever.

Prior to that I had dreams of being a ski star. I had the gumption. I had the will. I had the drive. And I adored the sport. But breaking my neck brought that all to a screeching hault. Another fall of great magnitude could leave me wheelchair bound; a future that I took to heart, changing the way I looked at the mountain and the way I skied.

So, there you have it. High Fives is a foundation near and dear to my dreams and adorations in life. I applaud their efforts and am here as a steward of their good will. I ask you to do the same…

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