Posted by: Shanie Matthews | January 16, 2011

Investment Property with 10% Return On Investment in Argentina

It is a big belief of mine that expanding our world helps us to expand our heart.

There is no doubt about it that my five years living in Argentina did just that. The people I met, the experiences I was a part of, and the lessons I learned all helped me to be conscious about a whole new way of life and living. This growth of the corazon is a sparkling light that has helped my happy path shine vibrant for me.

If it truly a dream of mine, that all people get to experience life beyond their native country. It will not only help understanding and compassion for others, I believe it will also bring global peace.

And that is why I feel our property in Patagonia that we have on the market is such a special opportunity for that person ready to broaden their horizons. It is not only completely turn-key: not another ounce of energy will be needed from the new owner to continue the US$40,000 annual income, but it also a rare 10% Return On Investment…an aspect that makes this real estate deal a premier opportunity to buy an asset of real value.

Not to mention we just drastically reduced the asking price from $379,000 to $329,000.

This price secures this choice piece of real estate as a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Here’s a great article recently published in New York City’s Curbed Magazine comparing our Bariloche property to other view properties in the United States.

We can honestly say that there is not another property on the market in Bariloche that is fully furnished with quality furnishings and appliances, set up with wifi throughout, has a team in place ready to continue facilitating all property needs, brings in $40,000 annually with no additional work needed from buyer, and has a 5-digit chunk of cash in reservations going to the new owner.

In addition there are very few places in Bariloche that have a comfortable, open, sunny landscaping design that allows for all three houses to enjoy a private setting, individual parking, and stunning views of Lake Nahuel Huapi, the Andes, and into Chile. Not to be forgotten: it has a superb location in one of the most esteemed neighborhoods of South America, Llao Llao, with easy access to the beach just across the street. This is seriously an absolute fantastic deal!

If it wasn’t for us moving forward on our new collaborative business in the northern hemisphere, Mountain Riders Alliance, and needing the capital to make it happen, we would not be selling this dream property that we have loved and cherished for the last three and a half years.

But as big believers in passed-on prosperity…we are happy to know that another family will be able to take advantage of our hard work.  All we ask is that you enjoy her, and say hi to the condors for us as they fly by!


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