Posted by: Shanie Matthews | February 16, 2011

Opera Singer Charity Tillemann-Dick Speaks Candidly on How Passion Helps Us Survive

Untimely deaths of loved ones or a life-threatening illness are reasons, alone, that many stop actively pursuing living. Combine these catastrophic events and it takes an incredibly strong person to pull through and become better for the experience.

Enter opera singer Charity Tillmann-Dick. Today she is a vibrantly gorgeous woman with a jaw-dropping voice. But go back into her history, a bit, and you will see moments of deep challenge; surviving devastating health issues and and loss that were surmountable only, in her belief, because of her love for singing. Not only is she an inspiring example that staying true to our positive passions can pull us through the darkest of times, she’s also a vibrant showing that listening to our heart, rather than others’ opinions, is vital in the path of happiness.

In her heart-wrenching TED talk, the gifted vocalist shares her story of a dream almost shattered by the suggestions of a doctor. In the end, it is her deep connection and participation with singing that saves her life physically and emotionally…

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