Posted by: Shanie Matthews | February 23, 2011

How to Run Your Energy and Stay Calm

Do you ever feel like you’re irritated, sad, angry, depressed, or some other dark emotion, and just don’t understand why? Or maybe your stressed out and would like to feel more serenity in your life.

There are many amazing techniques to help us stay grounded and centered. One that I have implemented into my life that has helped significantly in staying in a happy state is running my energy.

So, what does that mean exactly, “running my energy”? Well, it is basically a meditation that you do in a comfortable, quiet place…restfully going through a series of positive mind pictures that connect you to the earth, cosmos, and yourself.

Below you will find a meditation for running your energy. Please read through the passage as often as you need so that you can comfortably repeat it to yourself while laying down on your back with your palms facing up, or sitting with both feet on the ground. Make sure the location in which you choose to do the meditation embodies a peaceful and safe atmosphere for you.

Running Your Energy Meditation

  • Once in a comfortable position, breath deeply, yet with ease. Feel yourself relax completely and totally, from head to toe. Feel your body heavy, and completely supported by the earth.
  • Starting at your head, see a beautiful white light — the light may have other colors within the white — entering your body and filling your body through and through. Take time during this part of the meditation. Really concentrate on the light filling each and every cell in your body, and every space between.
  • Now see a color that you connect with Mother Earth. Imagine this color growing into a beautiful grounding cord, tree trunk, or rope (whatever image works best for you) that flows from your center, down into the core of the earth. Concentrate on the details of the connection; where is the cord connected to the earth, what surrounds the cord (maybe a beautiful forest, seascape, or mountain setting), are there details in the color of the cord and texture; does it sparkle, is it velvety, maybe it glistens like a disco ball.

  • Thank Mother Earth for accepting your grounding cord of life, and ask, with gratitude, that she take any negative energy that comes from you and turns it into positivity for all.
  • Now run your toes along the bottom of each foot. See a color that you associate with the earth running from the planet into you. Feel that loving, warm, and supportive color flowing up your feet, through your legs, into your hips, through your center, and then down your grounding cord. Sit with this image as long as you need to.
  • Next, run a hand along the top of your head, clearing the crown chakra. See a color of your choosing coming into you through your crown from the cosmos, universe, heavens (whatever word you connect with). Feel the color flow down the back of your head, down your spine, into your hips, through your center into your grounding cord. See and feel both colors — from earth and from the universe — flowing from above and below, through your body and into your grounding cord; flowing freely and with ease.
  • Now see these two colors mixing, the energy of the earth and universe combining. With the combination of the two, visually see the mixture flowing into every millimeter of your body. From your center to your toes, from your hips to your finger tips, from you heart to your head. Have the image flow out beyond your physical body and have the color cleanse any energy in your presence, making it all positive.
  • Feel the colors within every part of your being, your grounding cord, and the energy space surrounding you. Sit with this feeling. Concentrate on breathing deeply, and truly feeling the love that you are giving yourself. Takes as long as you need.
  • To finish up, see a shield of protection that surrounds you. This shield protects you from all negativity, helping to seal in the positivity that you just gifted yourself. Imagine the shield in detail; what color is it, does it have carvings set within it, or a special texture, what type of material is it…my favorite image is a shield of intricately molded gold. Now would also be a good time to imagine your highest self, and the positivity that you want to create in the world.
  • With love and gratitude, thank the universe (using the term that most identifies with you) and the planet, your spirit guides of 100% positivity, and yourself. Give yourself a hug. I like to end each session with the statement, “In love and light, as I intend it so it is.”



  1. That is a really interesting meditation. I will certainly give it a try. I can certainly attest that meditation of all kinds can drastically improve well-being.


    • Hi Chris! I would love to hear your thoughts after you try it a few times. Cheers!

  2. One of my favorites…almost identical to the technique I learned. I just love you Shanie!

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