Welcome to My Happy Path…your place for everything you need to activate happiness in your life!

My Happy Path is a cooperative of healers, therapists, yoga instructors, authors, spiritualists, and activators of happiness, working together to create a virtual toolbox of an unlimited supply of “happiness tools”. Each person has their own path to happiness…our mission is to help you connect with the true greatness that you are.

There are multiple avenues that assist us in identifying with our true self…our happy self. Yoga, meditation, inner child work, inspirational books, healing modalities such as reiki, massage, or cranial-sacrial, personal tools that help us embrace our highest potential, talking with other like-minded folk, social-conscious travel, affirmations, positive visual stimuli, mirror work…the list is never-ending. Thankfully! That’s the greatest part about embracing our highest potential and our own happy path…we are all an active participant in each others’ happiness. The joy we create in our own lives will spill over into those we come into contact with!

My name is Shanie Matthews. I started this blog as a way to share information, document my own path on practicing happiness and to start outwardly discussing the joys of exercising one’s own felicity.

Despite more than a decade and a half of consciously working on my love for self , the entire concept of “practicing happiness” didn’t occur to me until my mid-thirties.

I am an athlete, downhill skiing being my passion. Practicing is the name of the game when it comes to achieving the expertise needed to ski the lines I love to ski. I have practiced the sport for over 30 years, with many seasons of 100+ days put on the hill.

Today I am skiing stronger than I ever have.

Putting 2 and 2 together, I realized that if I put as much energy into consciously practicing happiness as I do into skiing, my everyday abundance of joy will be equal to that which I get from the sport I am so passionate about. With this revelation and the fact that my life dream has always been to help others achieve their highest aspirations of positivity, I thought it fitting to create this blog. So, here’s to being our happiest and best!

Thanks for joining us on My Happy Path!




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  2. thank you for adding me to your blogroll shanie.
    i just read through your posts and they are fantastic…i’ll be back 🙂

    • Hi Sunday Quotes! Thank you for the kind comment! Cheers!

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